Washing Care Guidelines

Preparing new nappies

Before first use, new nappies should always be prepared. The shells need to be washed to remove any residue left over from both the fabric manufacturing and any possible residue from our making process, see below for washing guidelines. The inserts will take up two 6 washes before full absorbency is reached, so you can either wash the inserts back to back 6 times or just change regularly for the first few uses. If you choose to wash continuously you do not need to dry in between washes.

Storing soiled nappies

Before storing any nappies, deposit any solids into the toilet and rinse your nappy. Rinsing the nappy helps to avoid stains from forming. Store your nappies into a dry pail or a wet bag until washing day (every 2-3 days max). Do NOT soak the nappies, not only does it create a drowning risk it also help to encourage bacteria growth and if bad for the material and elastics.


Washing MCNs is broken down into two categories: pre-wash and main wash. For both wash cycles do NOT exceed a spin cycle over 800RPM, going above this spin cycle will void your warranty. Any spin cycles over 800RPM but undue stress on both the elastics and the materials.


When you are ready to wash, run the nappies through your shortest wash cycle with half the dose of detergent that is recommended for a normal washing load. Follow the pre-wash with your main wash. 

Main Wash

Your main wash can be topped up with other small clothing items to obtain ideal agitation. Your main wash should be done in cod or warm water, with a max temperature of 50 degrees to avoid damage to elastics and fabric. Use the recommended heavy wash dosage for washing detergents. 

Do NOT use fabric softeners, bleach, whitening agents or vinegar.

I recommend the ANA washing guidelines which can be found here:


For strip and washing guidelines as well as detergent index I highly recommend checking out the cloth nappy help page, it is full of wonderful information:



Line dry in the shade, lay them horizontally and with the nappy inner facing up. Inserts can be dried in full sun or on a medium heat in the dryer.