Nappy Accessories

Prince and Cub stock Modern Cloth Nappy Accessories that are needed for . These accessories include microfiber nappy inserts, bamboo charcoal nappy inserts, bamboo nappy inserts as well as nappy liners.

The nappy inserts are the absorbent layer of Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN’s) so are essential for them to function properly.

Bamboo nappy liners make nappy changes even easier! They are designed to be placed on the top of the nappy to catch any solids. If they are wet they can be placed in a compost bin or worm farm, and properly disposed off if any solids are present. It is not advised to flush nappy liners since they can clog pipes or sewerage infrastructure, only the three P’s should be flushed.

Microfleece nappy liners are a reusable nappy liner. Place them on top of the nappy, if soiled simply tip any solids down the toilet, rinse and place in the dry pail alongside your MCN.

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