Cloth Wipes

Did you know that the average family uses up to 18000 disposable wipes per child? That is not only a lot of waste being generated, but also money being thrown out. There is another option available, reusable baby cloth wipes. Our reusable baby cloth wipes can help save hundred’s of dollars and are much softer and gentle on bub’s skin.

Each cloth wipe measures approximately 20 cm * 20cm and is handmade by us. To use, simply wet with water, using either a tap, or a spray bottle, then wipe the baby clean. Wash alongside your Modern Cloth Nappies.

Double Ply Reusable Baby Cloth wipes are perfect for cleaning hands and faces, for bath time and wiping bub’s dry.

Bamboo Terry Reusable Baby Cloth wipes are brilliant for cleaning poos and as an all rounder wipes.

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