Wet Bags

Prince and Cub’s handmade wet bags are the perfect alternative to single use plastic bags. They are available in 3 different sizes: Mini, Medium and Large.

Our range of prints is always changing and often only available in small runs.

The mini wet bag measure approximately 15cm * 18cm. The mini wet bag is perfect for nursing pads, snack bags, make up bags or menstrual cloth pads.

The medium wet bag measures approximately 25 cm * 30cm. The medium wet bag is an ideal size for holding a few nappies for a partial day out with Modern Cloth Nappies.

The large wet bag measures approximately 40cm * 43cm. It can hold 10 – 12 Modern Cloth Nappies inside, perfect for sending to day care. It is also an excellent size for swimming bags, they can hold 2 * kids beach towels, 1 * adult beach towel plus swimmers for 2 kids and an adult with room to spare.

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