Bamboo Velour - Purple, Blue and Green Dye

Bamboo Velour - Purple, Blue and Green Dye

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Prince and Cub baby cloth wipes are handmade in the Whitsunday's and are ready to send out. These are a perfect alternative to disposable baby wipes!

This is a for a single wipe.

Did you know that the average family will spend between $200 to $2000 on disposable wipes?? Using cloth wipes can help save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

Our wipes are approximately 20cm x 20cm, making them ideal for nappy changes. They can also be used for: 

    • cleaning hands and feet
    • removing makeup
    • bath time clothes

These wipes are a made from one layer of hand dyed bamboo velour and one layer of bamboo terry.

It is recommended to have between 20 - 25 wipes for full time use.